I’ve Got A Bridge To Sell You

Is it too much to ask that Americans not act as dumb as the rest of the world thinks we are? 

My son isn’t allowed to watch any television channel that features commercials.  Why?  Because I’m an uptight hippie freak mom?  Hardly.  He’s not allowed to watch commercial television because when he does, he calls me in every four minutes to tell me that “if I act now, I can purchase this knife set that cuts steel and tomatoes!  But I have to hurry!  Time is running out!”  He’s currently very enthusiastic about magic chamois cloths that are 2″ x 2″ and will dry my entire house after a torrential downpour.  How do I explain to a six year old that people can just say whatever they want on TV to achieve their ends, even if what they say isn’t true? Meanwhile, back at the ranch, however, we are working double time to try to teach him that the most important thing he can do is tell the truth.

At the risk of sounding paranoid, question everything.  From both sides.

Factcheck.org - the Annenberg Foundation’s political fact checking site.
snopes.com - urban legends, political rumors, contemporary mythology and hoaxes
fightthesmears.com - Obama’s “smear-fighting” site
Politifact.com - Congressional Quarterly/St. Petersburg Times fact checking site

And if you click through in the next 30 seconds, you’ll get some extra truthiness at no additional charge!


  1. Clayjack says:

    Does John McCain have a similar smear-fighting website? Or should we just take your word for it.


  2. wrh says:

    Oh I am so glad you asked…and I knew you would.

    I tried to find one, but the only thing I could come up with was a trio of sites, obamafactcheck, mccainfactcheck, and palinfactcheck that seemed to be VERY skewed towards Obama. If you can find a comparable factchecking/stop the smear site for McCain by the McCain people, I’ll happily post the link.

    Or you could just take my word for it.

  3. Jessica says:

    true that! I applaud you for putting this out there. It is always important to fact check. You need to know what is true and not true, not just in politics- but in everything. Don’t buy everything you hear!

  4. Clayjack says:

    I’m nothing if not predictable.

  5. NATUI says:

    Hear hear!! When I taught my history courses we hammered home “source criticism”. Who said it, and WHY did they say it. I told my students that no matter what else they took my my course that they’d better be able to ask those questions.

  6. When my children insisted I call 1-800-Must-Have-This to purchase a pocketbook that organized everything including your junk drawer, I knew it was time to limit the TV watching.

    And if I hear that man with the beard and the irritating, loud voice selling KABOOM and everything else up to and including toe-fungus remover, I think I will shoot the TV set.

  7. Meg says:

    I am the Snopes Queen. I check every email that gets forwarded to me, then helpfully reply to the sender to, um, direct them to the facts. I figure one day, they’ll all get so sick of my righteousness that they’ll drop me from their forward list. Hopefully.

    Further to CBW’s comment – I went into Bed Bath & Beyond with a coupon a couple of weeks ago and that dude was on a screen in EVERY DEPARTMENT, hollering at me to buy some magical cure for a problem I didn’t know I had! (I did leave with a Ped Egg, though. You know – for my freaky feet.)

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